Everyone is always looking for a new way to stream and play music. As a student at Bloc, part of the curriculum is to build working websites. BlocJams was my first project and the beginnings of my studies as a software developer.


The Problem with BlocJams was- as a beginning developer, I only had the bare bones fundamentals in my arsenal of tools to complete this project. Some of the code was pre-written, some of the functions were not. Throughout the building of this functional music player, I had to use the knowledge that I had only learned recently and turn it into something tangible.


Using many resources including previous lessons and the aid of my mentor, I was able to not only learn how to write the code for BlocJams but also how to debug it and check my work.


After testing each step of the way and finding some errors such as color errors and my player load bar not starting at zero at page load, I was able to troubleshoot and fix my website as a I went along. The end result was a real working music player! Something that blew my mind as a real newbie to this world.


Going into this project I was very intimidated, I had some experience writing basic HTML but incorporating JavaScript and jQuery were completely new concepts to me. They all took some trial and error to learn. In the future, I have learned that troubleshooting prior to making commits is really crucial. If you don’t, then it can cause so many errors in the future.