Why did I enroll at Bloc?

Before starting at Bloc, pretty much everything covered in this course was foreign to me. I had taken a beginner’s web development course the semester prior to starting here at Bloc and it honestly only taught me how to do the bare minimum. I chose Bloc because it was a comprehensive course that I could do from home, and as a stay at home Mom of three little boys that was a huge incentive for me. Now that I have spent some time learning through Bloc and getting accustomed to the curriculum I have to say that overall I am extremely happy to have started this program. There have been moments where I have been so stressed that I have wanted to pull my hair out followed by victories so tremendous that I have run through my house screaming excitedly (passing my assessment for example). The best part of Bloc has to be the way it eases you into the material. By utilizing CodeSchool and Codecademy the students at Bloc are taught the first few weeks in a format that makes sense to a wide variety of people. With the help of a mentor, you are able to work through these problems. Your mentor is not there to spoon feed you answers, they are there to help you learn the material but also help you learn how you will troubleshoot and fix your coding errors in real life situations. I have fumbled, I have wanted to quit, but I am still here and now that I have made it through my first project, I know that I can do this.